Murakami Moca zippered coin purse price?

  1. what is the actual price? thanks Its growing on me maybe I should drive down there :O)
  2. Murakami coin purse:
    $270 USD per one thread and $237 USD per another thread.

    Now I'm confused! Can someone please re-verify price of coin purse before tax?

    vuitton website says REGULAR mono rond coin purse is $185 for comparison.
  3. It's $270 before tax. :sweatdrop:
  4. Bummer! Too bad it wasn't the less expensive price! It's still really cute!!! I'm so tempted... I even had a dream last night about going to the MOCA and looking at the LV boutique! Hopefully, I'll go this weekend to see the exhibit and the store!
  5. I bought it today from the exhibit. It is so cute!
  6. I got the coin purse and the Neverfull MM. Yeah!! The MOCA exhibit was great!
  7. ^Same items I got! They're so cute.
  8. Peace- wow- you should have done some recon work and brought back pictures! lol~

    How long is the exhibit supposed to be up? Until everything is sold?
  9. Moca/L.A. exhibit is until Feb. 11, 2008. Then, it moves to New York - it's in the Murakami hardcover exhibit book, then moves to Europe.

    I think the LV boutique will be there for the whole exhibit but who knows.... new shipments arrive. When I went, they were out of the GM but had everything else.
  10. I was only planning to buy the coin purse and gave the SA my order. But I was chatting with the people behind me and while we were waiting for our names to be called to pay for the LV merchandise, I asked the SA to add the MM to my order! I was enabled!! The lady that I talked to also happened to be a member of tPF! My DH was ok with my order, but suggested I sell my mono Neverfull MM. I already sold it to my co-worker!!! Yeah!!! Now I don't feel too guilty!!
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. Lol that was fast!
    I actually didn't think I wanted one, but I changed my mind when I got there. And I changed bags that same night and used it when I went out haha.
    Congrats on the sale though! :tup:
  13. ^^

    Thx! The way I look at it is that we now have two bags in one with the Murakami Neverfull MM:

    1: Wear the Neverfull with the Murakami LV hands/flower logo showing on the outside if you want it to look colorful/playful


    2: Wear the Neverfull with the Monogram pattern showing on the outside if you want to be subtle (well, as subtle as you can get with the LV logo!)

    but the really neat thing about the Murakami Neverfull is the hot pink lining!! It just pops with color!!! (and it goes with the Framboise/berry inclusion bracelet!!!)
  14. $270 plus tax
  15. Peace43 and LVBabyDoll:
    can you ladies tell me how much is the Murakami Neverfull MM, GM and agenda? I might ask my friend to get it for me but I do not know the price to give him the correct amount of money. Also what is LA tax %?

    Thanks soo much~!!!