Murakami made me do it!


Oct 9, 2007
OK, all last week I'd been obsessing over the new Murakami exhibit opening at the Brooklyn Museum - will they do a special limited edition?!?...will I be taking a 5 hr trip to NY early Sat morn to try to snag it?!?

Skip to today, no new limited special Brooklyn bag like they did at MOCA..I was really soo what's a girl to do?!?? Go on ebay and find an authentic Murakami LE I've always loved, loved, loved!! (From a TPF member too what a small world :smile:
It'll actually be my 1st LV!!! The Cerise Speedy 25!! I'm so excited! I'll be sure to post pics when she arrives & I'm happy to finally have a special piece from Murakami - I'll be sure I carry her when I visit the exhibit later this summer :P Thanks so much to everyone for sharing their photos & information on the Murakami opening!!