Murakami Hair Pin and Alma

  1. Don't think I could squeeze this photo onto my last thread, so made a new one...:nuts:
    Post Louis Alma.jpg
  2. Louis looks so cute! Congrats
  3. Oh so cute!
  4. congrats on your graffiti alma. the panda pin looks awesome too
  5. I LOVE my set of Murakami hair pins!!! Thanks!!!!
  6. I'm so glad Louis has a good sense of humor....or so it seems!:p
    Love the pin--so cute!:cutesy:
  7. I love it, soo cute! Congrats!
  8. ^^Yeah, I'm surprise Louie has a good piggy sense of humor too! BTW... Love the Murakami hair pin. I've never seen one before.
  9. Oh, they came in a set of three with Panda, onionhead and flowerhat man, absolutely gorgeous; I've had them since last summer.... LOVE THEM!

    thanks pink!:wlae:
  10. cute!
  11. i love hair pin on Mr. Louis! So adorable!
  12. Adorable!!
  13. This is so adorable...I also love pigs. I keep forgetting to tell you that; I've always wanted a cute piglet that was black and had a white spot on it. They're such intelligent little guys, and surprisingly clean!
  14. yep. and they don't shed hair like dogs, but they're very scary like horses, since they're prey animals and not predators like dogs (and humans)...
  15. O! A piggy! I want one!!!