Murakami. haha.

  1. i saw this in my friend's village.
    i laughed when i saw it. :nogood: wee.


    presenting the Murakami trash bin.
  2. :confused1:
  3. confused!
  4. :confused1: I don't get it?
  5. Mabuhay! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I love Murakami but that is too funny. Roffle, Roffle, I want one for my collectin.
  6. i think its just their familly name, and they put their name on the trash can.
  7. For those who don't get it, Murakami was the one who designed the panda, cherry blossom, cerises etc
  8. i get that, i just dont understand the pic
  9. yea, i don't get what's so funny either. :confused1:
  10. lol.
  11. I might be wrong, but I think it's trying to convey something tongue in cheek, if you know what I mean...;)
  12. Murakami's a name, I don't see what's so funny about it?

    It's just like seeing "Jacobs" on a trash bin...I won't feel a thing.

    But whatever floats whoever's boat!
  13. haha. i guess its one of those cultural things... what maybe funny to us filipinos may not be funny to other people from other countries.
  14. also i just want to add, murakami in the philippines means we're cheap!!! hahaha. :p
  15. Is there a Vuitton one available?