Murakami Ebay Prices How Much Would U Pay

  1. I love the Murakami items but there's no way I'll be anywhere near LA to be able to go to MOCA. So I have to resort to eBay. I'm sure many others who want one of these collector pieces has to do the same.

    How much would you pay? I was looking at the Rond on the Buy It Now and the prices ranged from $375 to $650. Since with tax the Rond ends up being close to $300,I think $375 is fair since they have to pay eBay fees also. How much do you feel is an OK profit for the person selling it.

    What about the Neverfull? The GM is probably a little over $1,000 with taxes. The cheapest I could find was $1,550. I think $500 for a quick turnaround profit is a lot.

    eBay is the only way most of us are going to be able to get one of the Murakami pieces. I think the sellers are entitled to a profit but how much would you pay?
  2. I honestly think it's horrible that people are selling these items for so much profit...I know that's what people do, but still it makes me so angry. With that, I personally don't think I'd pay over $375 for the rond...i don't know about the bags, though. good luck!
  3. I was guessing at $375 they probably made $50-75. I've seen them on Ebay for $400 and think that's fair too since it would cost me a LOT more than that to go out there and get one. Not feasible at all. So there's no other way to get one except Ebay.
    But the Neverfull's and the agenda's seem to be priced at much, much more than what they cost. It will be interesting to see if (I think they will) the prices go down as time goes on.
  4. Ya - I agree with this too.
    It's a tough call though because hey if people are willing to pay that much ($600+) then -that's their call. It just bugs me if they are getting sold out at MOCA and people who really want them can't get them there :cursing: I'm glad they put a limit on it :yes:
  5. i thought someone posted that their sa offered to try to get one shipped for canada... is moca exclusive exclusive as in lv won't even ship its products to other locations?
  6. My understanding is that was a special instance that the SA would try but not the norm. Has anyone managed it yet?

    For me it wouldn't work anyway, I don't have a LV anywhere around me. The good news is I don't have to pay sales tax.

  7. I think the only way to do this would be to get someone to buy it and ship it up :confused1:
  8. UGH! People on ebay are really pissing me off with this one! They are WAY out there as far as what they want for these pieces! I can understand making a few bucks, but people have the neverfull mm at $3000! BLEH!
  9. ^ yeah it's ridiculous
    i live in la so it doesnt really matter for me but i mean COME ON!!! those ebay listings are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy ridiculous imo
  10. i'm nowhere near LA, i'm not even in US so i would pay 200-300 mark up to get what i really want :p
  11. why make these greedy people get rich by buying their ridiculously inflated prices?? it's awful... couple of hundreds.. would be profitable already.. but I saw like someone selling close to 2500 bucks for a neverfull... IMHO.. the bags are ugly anyways... but that's just me... :rolleyes::yucky::upsidedown: sorry

  12. this is what i hate about the "it" bag phenomenon.
    there are a LOT of people out there who only buy this bag because it's "limited" and it becomes like a status and not because they really liking it.
    i think those kind of people are the one who'll pay for that much IMO
  13. Last night on Ebay a Rond went for $356 and a Neverfull MM for $1,399. It sounds like the prices are going down. I think those who are selling their MM's for $2,500 are going to be very disappointed.
  14. ^Yeah. I think the market is getting flooded now; if you wanted to make a profit, it was really only viable during that first couple of days after MOCA opened. Between all the people buying the items to sell for profit and the buyers not wanting to pay the crazy prices, I think the sellers will be disappointed too.
    It also makes it bad for people who wanted to buy pieces just because they like them, too, only to get there and find out that they're sold out (MC agendas and Neverfull GM).
  15. I sucked it up and bought a GM on eBay (no chance the exhibit will come to Colorado). I'm hoping to get a coin purse when the prices come down. Does anyone know if they are planning on re-stocking the GM and Agendas, or is that all they will make for LA?