Murakami Character and Miroir *NEWS*

  1. Apparently the characters are going to be on the accessories and only a few on the bags?... (the bags/accessories only released in that art museum thing)...


    Also LV will launch Miroir heart coin purses just like the MC and Vernis for Valentines 2008
  2. I just got this email

    "Hey Matt,

    I will take a pic as soon as I get a chance, the new character wont be on the neverfull but only on small accessories. The Big LV Murakami Hand is on the front of the Neverfull.

    But here is an other news for you, a fresh one.

    The Heart coins purse will be launch in Miroir for the 2008 Valentines Collection."
  3. :wtf:
  4. OMG i want a miroir heart purse. AAAAARGH :sad: im going to waitlist first thing tomorrow
  5. forgot to say thanks for sharing! :biggrin::biggrin: btw this is coming from an SA right? i just don't know how to explain to my SA how i got this info when I waitlist? :/
  6. Oh my god! A heart purse in miroir !!! are you kidding matt?
  7. yay that sounds excelent. cant wait. I am so oer that. thanks matt
  8. Nope this is what I was told :smile:
  9. k ur my new favorite person!! miroir heart purse??? *swoons* thanks for the info matt!
  10. hahah!
  11. Sounds like Miroir is on it's way to becoming something regular.

    Great news for all those Miroir lovers out there!

    I imagined a Miroir Heart----- please hand over a gold one- thank you. :graucho:
  12. And thanks for sharing that Matt....... :flowers:
  13. W/ these new miroirs coming out, it could very well be on its way to a permanent line :smile: yay, i want a keepall and an alma! haha
  14. ^-- high five- I'll get the Speedy when it's released-

    And you know- I am happy to have Miroir before it becomes permanent (I'm just saying- you KWIM with all these different Miroir styles coming out)

    Could be a fluke though- maybe this is it for Miroir :graucho: LV is :ninja: like that!
  15. OMGGGGG.. thank you for sharing, I really want a Miroir heart !