Murakami Cartoon

  1. i love this cartoon....i want a LIVE
  2. Same here! I thought I was going to die of cuteness overload when we received the National Geographic panda issue a couple of months ago.

    The Murakami cartoon is brilliant, but it reminds me of the time I ate too many pot brownies and started seeing large, doe-eyed, panda-like creatures in the trees:roflmfao:
  3. This is so cute and beautiful:love: That must have taken ages to make!
  4. That is SO adorable!! I love the little white creature that sits on the girl's shoulder. Thanks for sharing!!
  5. This is so cute! the dvd was for sale a while back on ebay
  6. and checked out also his partner's work, chiho aoshima! she's AMAZING!
  7. I Looove It!!! Soo Adoorable!!!
  8. aww, love it!

  9. hahahahahhahahahahahhahaha :nuts: