Murakami @ Brooklyn Musuem, NYC

  1. Hello darlings,

    As many of you know, the east coast will be graced with the presence of the MURAKAMI exhibition this spring. The exhibition will be held in the Brooklyn Museum from April 5- July 13. It is sure to be a very exciting exhibit with the possibility of new LV collaborations. Any and everyone who is interested please post here when you plan on making the trip. My hope is that we can have a meet up at some point during the exhibition's stay in NYC.
  2. I will start. I live in NYC so I will be there on the first day so as not to miss out on any of the merchandise that will be for sale, but I would be more than willing to visit again, if most of you will be able to make it another day.
  3. I'd be interested, but wouldn't be able to make it until at least the 14th.
  4. I live in Brooklyn so I"ll probably be going on the first day as well! :yahoo:
  5. I would love to meet up!
  6. Thats great!!:yahoo: I'm a Manhattanite, so I don't know my way around Brooklyn, or the area where the museum is. It's almost embarrassing really, I'm born and raised in Manhattan but Brooklyn is like another country to me, LOL.:sweatdrop:
  7. ^^ hehe, don't be embarrassed!! I don't really know my way around that area either but I've been to the Brooklyn Museum once and the train station is right outside the museum. Here are the directions on the website:
  8. <cough cough> I feel a sick day from work coming on! I'll see all of you there!

    BTW, I grew up in Brooklyn and went on class trips to the Brooklyn Museum a lot. I haven't been there in years though! I can't think of a better reason to go back.
  9. Terrible cough ahahh sneezing that day... lol
    I will be there!!
    Will just have to map quest for directions as coming from outside the city. If any Bergen county people want to meet up and travel in together
  10. ^^ LOL, you ladies are too much. I'm so looking forward to meet all of you. I really hope we can all meet up on the same day.
  11. I'm in. It'll be my first trip on the G (for Ghetto...) train.
  12. Me and Andrew will be there on the 5th! =)
  13. what LV will be available???
  14. ^ ooh, I'd like to know to but I don't think there's any news yet.
  15. I am about 1 1/2 hours away...I am game! I think I would like to go on the first day too depending on weather.