Murakami Brooklyn museum

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  1. cool!
  2. Congratulations to everyone in that area!
  3. ^^^ Agree! I wish I could have the time to visit the exhibit. :sad:
  4. Great. Perhaps a few of us can meet up when it comes to Bklyn..should be fun.
  5. Wow, cool! I live in Brooklyn so I will have to check it out!!!
  6. Diva, that's a GREAT idea! I'm also thinking that LV will probably have some kind of event for us VIC's to celebrate the launch of the exhibit.
  7. wow thats great - wish they would come to the UK
  8. Hi Restricter,

    Yes, I figure LV will probably have a big event planned for the opening (hope I get an invite). I wonder if they will be selling any products? At any rate, I think it will be great if we round up the troops and head to the museum..we'll have a blast.
  9. Oooh, I should be in the area in around May, so hopefully I'll get to check it out !

    I really, really hope they bring the goodies as well !
  10. omg that's awesome! I'll definitely go
  11. If people are going to me for the exhibit, count me in
    I hope hope they open a Pop up shop, ala LA maybe with a diff bag, or bag with different tags?
  12. yeah cant wait
  13. I contacted the museum a few weeks ago and they said they had no idea about a pop up shop. Then, I called the 866# and they said they would get back to me when they had some info. I hope they bring the bags!!
  14. ~Ooo:huh: I'm sooo excited for all of you guys in New York:drinkup:. Hope they'll bring goodies, don't forget to sneak some pics for us:popcorn:~