Murakami Black Theda?

  1. Hello,

    I have a bunch of questions concerning this particular LV Model, the Black Murakami Theda.:confused1:

    I hope someone will take some time to read my thread and help me a little ;)

    Can someone please tell me what are the sizes available for this bag (PM, GM...what is exactly the size in inches) and also, what are the prices for different sizes?

    What's the (price) difference between the black Theda, the white Theda and the classic LV Mono brown Theda?

    Is the black more expensive than the white one? Why? Is it harder to find or it's a matter of taste?

    I have heard that Theda is a Ltd Edt, is that true?

    How much should i pay (if buying off eBay or depot-vente) for a Theda in MINT condition? A Theda that's like new and that comes with a dust bag?

    Thank you so much!!

  2. I can't answer many of your questiosn but here's the things I know.

    There were two sizes I don't measurements but PM is really small GM is a nice size.

    There was no price difference between black or white MC

    Theda was not LTD EDT but was Seasonal which bascially means it is a little easier to get hold of i.e larger quantities made.

    Buying pre-loved I have seen more white theda's for sale than black why is that? I have no idea, also buying preloved I think the white would sell for a higher price than black because white is more popular in MC (just my opinion)
  3. here is a pic of a GM it's a different style but it shows you the size the PM is maybe half this size
  4. My final question for this thread is: Is it worth paying 1800 dollars for a Black Multi Color Theda in like-new condition?

    The seller also has the dust bag and showed me several pictures of this beauty.

    The size of the Theda is Height 7.5inches, Length at bottom 11, Length 13 inches. Is this the GM?

    Thank you!!


  5. ^^^^^^^

    Post a picture of the bag with a link to the auction in the "Authenticate this LV" thread, and the experts here will be able to let you know if it's the real deal and worth the price. Good luck !!!!
  6. If you want the bag, then pay the $1800! That is a lot less then it sold for when it was in the boutiques!