Murakami Agenda or Rond?

  1. My friend may be going to MOCA and may get me a small item and I'm not sure which one to get, the agenda or rond? I've read from the postings on TPF that the agenda is sold out. Are all 3 prints of the agenda sold out? I use the blackberry calendar so I'm not sure what I would use the agenda for. I've read in the Reference Library that some girls keep their credit cards, receipts, bills, etc. in their agendas. Which one should I tell my friend to get? How much is the monogram agenda? I've read on another posting that the multi-color agenda is around $700. Can you fit credit cards in the rond? Doesn't look like it... Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. I do believe all of the agendas are sold out... so I think you'd only be able to get a Porte Monnaie Rond?
  3. The rond is really cute, but it isn't too practical. It is best used as a coin purse!
  4. i prefer the agenda, but I don't know if there are any left...
  5. does anyone know how much the monogram agenda is?
  6. i'd get the agenda if possible...i don't think the rond can fit much.
  7. is the monogram agenda sold out as well? I thought only the MC ones are.
  8. I would give your friend your first second and third choices as stuff is sold out. That way they won't have to call you frantically while in line.
  9. I thought the multicolor agendas were sold out not the regular monogram ones... I would get the agenda over the rond.
  10. does anyone know approximately how long the wait is to get to the boutique inside the museum? does my friend have to go through the exhibit before getting to boutique? he only has about 1-1.5 hrs to spare, so not sure if that's enough time!
  11. I'd get what I can get if you're in love with this line.