Munich for Oktoberfest

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  1. DH and I will be in Munich for Oktoberfest. Party of two, so cannot make advance reservations for the tents. Online tips suggest getting there early (before 2:30???) w/o reservations. Is this is the case? How long would one wait in line if arriving at 6:00 PM on a Thursday, let's say? Any suggestions for enjoying the event? TIA. :smile:
  2. We went last year to Oktoberfest and it was so much fun although we only actually made it to the festival part for about an hour. We spent the morning wandering around Munich (it is soo nice b/c everyone is at the festival or at a bar drinking) then from lunch on we spent a lot of time at Hofbrahaus. It was so much fun. There were 6 of us sharing a table with another random group and the hours flew by.
  3. I'm going to be in Munich - but only for a day before heading out on a cruise of the Danube. Any recommendations beyond the Beer Gardens (this year is the 200th Anniversary of Oktoberfest!) - which will of course be visited! Danke! :smile:
  4. Since you only have a day, my recs are Residenz (former royal palace), Viktualienmarkt (food market), and then you can also walk around Marienplatz. Our favorite beer garden was Augustiner Keller but we weren't there during Oktoberfest. Maybe a Mike's Bike Tour too? The guides are young and interesting.
    I wouldn't bother with the Science Museum or Olympic Park - I don't think those are worth the time.

    And try the pretzel good.
  5. i have no advice. i am just extremely jealous. have a great time!!!