Munich Airport H Store

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  1. Frankfurt airport H gives you the full 16% refund in cash. Munich Airport H gives you about 12% after 4% fees back to your card after you produce the stamped form.
  2. I was in the Munich airport store Term 2 departure ~ Gate G a few days ago and they had just received a large number of silks & shawls from the AW 2019 collection. Also had belt straps in the rouge de couer/bleu du nord and rouge de couer /rose azalee for 32 mm. Don't know about bags as have no interest.
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  3. Thank you @HermesAmasser!
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  4. Just back from Europe. On inbound bought several things at the H-Munich Airport store in Term 1. On departure from the EU via FRA, duly got the receipts & the VAT form stamped by the Customs officer, but since I had bought in Munich had to mail the forms back to the Munich address ex NA. Just reviewed my Visa statement and realized they had CHARGED my cc for the VAT & NOT given a refund. Now I have to follow up with Visa & the Munich boutique customer service (phone on the VAT claim) and hopefully straighten this our but what a hassle. Thankfully I photographed all the forms with the Customs stamps before I mailed them. Away, just a word of warning from my experience with the Munich airport Hermes - make sure you check your cc statement when expecting a VAT refund. This is a first - I've never had a problem with VAT refunds before (except that it can take a loooooong....time e.g 11 months for Namibia).