Munich Airport H Store

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  1. Will have a one hour layover at the Munich Airport, anyone familiar with the H store there?
    I understand that it has been upgraded and is now in the International Section as opposed to where it was located in 2008.
    Any updates will be appreciated.
    Susan von
  2. Hi Susanvon,

    there are actually 2 Hermes Shop in the new Terminal 2 :smile:

    One is right after Security control and the other one is upstairs after passport control.

    The SA there are very friendly and helpful and they have a good selection of scarfs, shawls and also bags.

    The last time I was there they had a beautiful Lindy 34 in etoupe and a Romy belt in natural barenia........:love:

    Phone Nr. 089 97 58 4230

    Enjoy your layover at munich airport and have fun shopping ;)
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  3. yup 2 stores with good inventory but don't forget to claim your VAT refund if you're not an EU resident and leaving the EU!!! (for some reason the prices in german airport are not "duty-free")
  4. Hi Tinkerbell,
    thanks for the update, I sent the store an email and they responded that there are 2 stores just as you said.
    I will be coming into Munich airport for a non-Schengan/non EU country, do you know which H store I would find?
    I assume I have to go through security again going to a EU country, Austira, from Germany, and then on to passport control, so I would find the other H store.
    My problem is that I only have one hour to shop and dont have time to go back and forth to each one.
    Any clarification would be helpful.
    thanks again
    susan von

  5. Hi steak fries,
    thanks for your reply.
    I go to Eeurope about 3-4 times a year so I am familiar with the EU VAT rules. I will be coming from a Non-Schengan country going to a Schengan Country, Germany, and on to another Schengan country, Austria, so i cant claim my VAT refund until I leave my final EU destination which is the UK on the return trip.
    But thanks for the input.
    susan von
  6. I am flying international flight out of Munich to Asia with Lufthansa, any idea whether I will be going to the H shop on Level 4 or 5?
  7. Hi all, I'll be in Munich airport on new years day. Can anyone give a hint on whether the store is well stocked?
  8. There are two H stores in Munich airport... Make sure you ask the super friendly staff to check the other store (upstairs and downstairs) if you don't see what you want! Good luck!
  9. Are both stores very far apart? Or did you say they are upstairs and downstairs only? Thanks so much and I'll report back on the inventory next year for sure.
  10. It has been a year since I went thru Munich but I did remember I was able to go both stores within short period of time. The SAs there are wonderful and I hope you score some goodies!
  11. Thank you so much for your information. Will update everyone their inventory and if I scored anything :smile:
  12. Hi Kkho,

    Any updates for the inventory?
    My friend who is residing in Munich is coming to visit end of next month and I'm asking her to buy a scarf for me. Just wondering how is the inventory for scarves.

  13. Hi there,
    There are 2 stores on different levels but I only managed to get to one as one needs to exit the security check , re- enter the security of the other floor and then exit again.
    Anyway, the store is small. Managed to see a beuatiful granny toolbox in size 26, evelyne III in Rougas Casque, orange pictin pm. They had quite a few kelly double tour and quite a few twillies. I only looked at the Gm shawls and they only had a few. I bought myself a clic clac , that's all.
    Hope your friend will find the scarf for you. Try calling up the store if you need something specific and it's a non leather item. Most airport duty frees can hold things aside for you, if it's a non leather item. I do that for my fiance fairly often so I don't stress him out having to call me to check out the inventory when he's at the store :biggrin:
  14. Thanks so much for your reply!

    Is this the contact number:
    Phone Nr. 089 97 58 4230

    Which store is duty free? My friend is a PR so she cannot claim the tax for me.

  15. The H shop on Level 4 is currently undergoing renovation. Only the shop on Level 5 is opened.

    I go there regularly and their stock is very unpredictable. One time I was able to find a size S CDC and a Kelly long wallet plus other bags during the same visit, but other times the stock can be quite minimal including the scarves and shawls. So good luck with your friend's visit.