Mums with three or more kids.....question?

  1. Hello Mummies! (or Mommies!),

    If you have three or more children, can you tell me your experience i going from two kids to three?

    We recently were blessed with DD#2, and are comtemplating having a third (in a few years!), however people keep telling us horror stories about how 2 kids is easy and manageable, three is a nightmare! And I have to admit to not wanting to have to drive a huge SUV-type car around because of too many kids!!:P and things like that.......

    Please tell me your experiences (good & bad!)

  2. I have 3. A 7yo, 5yo and a 14mo. The last was kind of a surprise and had I known how tough it would be, I might have been much more careful. Maybe it's my age, but everything with him just seems more energy-sapping. I feel like I've aged considerably since he was born. He's not a particularly difficult child, although he sleeps very little, and I love him to death, but physically it's definitely taking a toll.

    The other thing is that because a young child has very demanding needs, I feel like I'm neglecting the older two. For example, they've had to go without bedtime stories many times because the baby was fussy and I took a long time to put him to bed.

    I'm sorry if I sound negative, I'm under the weather and the kids have been ill one after another for the past 3 weeks, so it's been quite tough.
  3. not negative - just honest!! hope they (and you!) feel better, soon....sick kids are a drag....
  4. Three kids is not much more difficult than two, IMO. I have four and I would have five if I could.
  5. I think it depends on the woman- some women can handle many kids and do it well. For some, one is enough. Really- I think it comes down to how we are wired, because these little guys don't come with any instructions and we get to discover ourselves along the way!

    I have three kids- 18, 15 and 12.
    The first had the energy of 3 kids alone, the middle was pretty easy and when I threw number three in the mix, I was constantly on the go and did not get a lot of sleep. I only had two hands and three took it's toll at times. Now that they're teenagers and preteens, it's even more challenging, but in a different way. I have to be on my toes; I have to watch them- there are friends, sports, activities, carpooling, boyfriends/ girlfriends, other parents to deal with (a whole other story!) It is rewarding, and exhausting all rolled up in one. I have read a lot of books and taken a lot of parenting classes, sought support with other mothers and even had therapy!

    I will admit that (not always, but at times) when I am with one or even just two of my kids, it is so much easier. I can only divide myself in so many ways- and I can't forget about taking care of me and my husband (as in my marriage) as well. If I don't make myself number one, I am no good to anyone- and it took a while for me to really get that concept!
  6. I have 4 kids: 22,20,14 and 12. There was a 6 year age spread between number 2 and 3 so I loved having a newborn again. When the kids get older they help baby sit the younger ones.......
  7. I have three girls: 5, 3, and 1. Going from two to three was not nearly as difficult as I had anticipated. I'd been warned -- you know, by all those "helpful" people who come up to you in the mall when you're PG just to tell you, "Oh, you're gonna have your hands full!! You are so brave!!" :rant: I hate those people. Anyway, I think you'll do just fine. :yes:
  8. I don't have kids, but I am one of four- between us there is a 10 year span. My mom loved it- we helped with the younger 2 and as a sibling, I loved having 3 others with me... it was amazing for me!!!
  9. Thanks Everyone!!!!! I really appreciate all the comments!
  10. I have three kids, and I think my third was by far the easiest. With each kid, you're so much smarter about what to do, so much less neurotic when they fail to take their first step "on time" or miss some other arbitrary milestone, and so much less concerned about the jelly that just dropped onto the carpet, that everything just gets easier.

    That said, I think your question is really about how much easier it is to have three babies than two. As they begin to grow up, the question is much less about how many you have than about what kind of kids they are. One of my kids has always been calm and polite and even-tempered. :wlae: I could have had 23 kids like that, and kept my sanity with no trouble. One of my kids is a very dramatic girl, whose mood swings (particularly when she hit her teenage years) could have driven Mother Theresa mad. :hysteric: My last is ADHD. :nuts: If I had had even two of him, I would have been bouncing off the walls in the loony bin many years ago.

    I love having three kids. They're all friends, and they go to each other for advice. They're also there to tell ME, when one of them has shared a secret that they know involves something I should know about. I wouldn't change things for the world!