Mum's birthday, anniversary and christmas present

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  1. My mother's bday (a very young 45:yes: ) and 25th wedding anniversary (to my dad) are all coming up around christmas time and so I would love to buy her a nice present.

    I would love to buy her a louis vuitton damier bag in the trouville style. I saw someone carrying it the other day and loved it:drool: . But I cant seem to find it anywhere including the uk louis vuitton website. Maybe it was fake:Push: :wtf: :s
    Can someone please help me find one please if it exists

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  2. Uhm.. are you talking about the Ribeira :shrugs: It's handheld and sort of round like the trouville.
  3. oooh, get the Duomo! it's such a classy and elegant bag :nuts:

  4. I agree with Sandra--the Duomo would be so lovely for your mom!:yes:
  5. Duomo, Sandra & Michelle
  6. what does the sandra and michelle look like?
  7. that is really nice. But I wanted something larger.
  8. i think yeuxhonnetes is Sandra...and I'm guessing mickloisme is Michelle ?!?!
  9. you're right :yes::lol:!

    the Duomo is pretty big; then again, i'm only 5'4" at 110 lbs:

  10. Oh I thought those were bags:roflmfao: :Push: :shame:

  11. Hee Hee...I guess if you pay me enough, I'll walk around with your mom and carry her things, and I'm certainly A LOT bigger than the Duomo! :nuts:
  12. LOL!

    I pretty sure trouville doesn't come in damier, maybe SO?
  13. does she like handheld or shoulder bags?
  14. Ha ha :idea: :smile:
  15. I dont think she minds because she has lots of either