Mummy, when I grow up.........

  1. My 5 year old turned to me yesterday and, quite seriously, said "Mummy, when I grow up I want to work in a 7-11":wtf:

    I have no idea where that comes from. Most 5 year olds want to be spiderman, fireman, pilot......etc. My son wants to work at 7-11.

    When DH asked if he would give us free chocolate, he solemnly declared "that is stealing, you will have to pay!":roflmfao:

    What aspirations do your kids have?
  2. when my cousin was 6 she declared to her teacher that when she was a big girl like her mummy is she wants to be a stripper! i dont think she really knew what it meant but it got her mother in a little trouble with social services.
  3. lmao!

    When my cousin David was still young, his life-aspiration was to become a mailman. His logic was that he would only work for a few hours a day, and be done by 2pm. That way, he could lay out in the sun in the summer, lmao
  4. My son wanted to be a paleontologist from the time he was 3 until he was about 9. Since then, he want to work at the Jet Propulsion Lab at NASA.

    My daughter wants to be a rock star and clothing designer!
  5. My brother wanted to be the garbage man so he could ride on the back of the trucks.
  6. These are so cute. DD has decided on being a dr. and her grandparents are beyond thrilled!
  7. My 4 year old dd wants to marry a pizzaman so she can always have pizza.
    She also wants 12 children. :nuts:
  8. My 5 yr old wants to be an architect, but when he is 16 he is "going to work at Starbucks so that mommy doesnt have to spend all her money on coffee!"
  9. awww such funny and cute stories. I wish i had to share....
  10. When my daughter was 5, we took her to Vegas for the first time. She decided she wanted to be a Keno girl (liked the flashy costumes).
  11. My 5 year old told me just the other day that when he grows up he's going to become the "Fixer Guy, which is very important because they fix everything!"
  12. :roflmfao: