Mum Upset At Penis Drawn In Burger Box

  1. Picture at link.

    Look at the journalist's name.:roflmfao:
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ the guy's name!!!
  3. ok, im immature. I giggled a little
  4. I giggled a lot :p
  5. I giggled quite a bit myself. The story, coupled with the writer's was just too much for me. :lol:
  6. I would be in disgusted mood too but wow how funny at the journalist name.:lolots:
  7. oh the name! giggles galore

    what a rude burger :p
  8. the look on the lady's face *dead*

    I can see their point though...even if it was a drawing of a butterfly, who wants to think someone has been in their burger box? ew.
  9. Agreed. I wouldn't want anything drawn inside a takeout food container.
  10. I agree, that was pretty funny. It's definitely gross that something was drawn inside the container, no matter what it was, but the photo accompanying the story made me laugh.
  11. SO WHAT you found a penis drawn in your fast food box....I'm sure youre distraught for life Obviously you have seen one before you have kids...Anything to make a buck Makes me sick
  12. Men draw pictures of penises everywhere. If you don't believe it take a look at the Washington Monument or the Eiffel Tower for about 2 seconds. Sometimes a cigar ISN'T just a cigar.
  13. That's a rather unfortunate coincidence, isn't it? The news story and the writer's name.

    When I worked at Starbucks, sometimes I'd draw a happy face on the outside of the cup when I mark the drinks.

    That's the outside of the cup, though, not the inside.

    I wouldn't like the idea of something drawn on the inside of my food container.
  14. True that!! :roflmfao: