Mum 'tries to flush newborn down plane toilet'

  1. Wow, what was she thinking?
  2. Omg :o :sad:
  3. I don't understand how no one noticed she was in labor. How is that possible? The poor infant :sad:
  4. Infanticide is more common than most realize. Often, disease and psychosis is involved, but sometimes it's pure evil. This mother sounds ill, imo, and she did what she did because she was, indeed, disconnected from the baby. She'll hopefully get the care she needs and deserves now that it is public. Unfortunate that she didn't get treatment to prevent this sort of tragedy. Sure hope the baby recovers.
  5. apart from the horror of this, how on earth can you actually flush anything in those little toilets? i mean, its not even like a normal one.

    I cant believe the baby survived .... so so sad.
  6. Such a sad story. I hope the child makes it through heathly.