Mum of 3 needing an everyday lv shoulder bag

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  1. I am keen to purchase my first lv bag in de print. Looking for a shoulder bag that can carry all the things a mum of 3 has to but can also convert to nice city work bag. Would prefer a zipper if possible. Looking at preloved or maybe one of the less expensive new bags. Help please!!
  2. Speedy bandouliere 30?
  3. Totally mm
  4. Duomo or Siena might be good as well...
  5. Totally
  6. Totally
  7. Speedy b30, neverfull MM or the Noe but that only comes in monogram and might be a bit casual for work.
  8. Speedy B. I have 3 kids as well. I have it in the size 30.
  9. I have kids and love the Delightful! No zip, but I haven't needed it so far.
  10. Totally. If that doesn't fit the bill for your needs then I don't know what will.
  11. Totally MM or Speedy 30/35. Siena could be a good choice too.
  12. I agree
  13. NF MM or GM or speedy30/35 with bandouliere.
  14. Totally MM. It's perfect for your needs (I'm a mom of 4).
  15. Me too. 4 kids here and Totally MM is my best "mom bag".