Mum Lets Man Rape Her 5-Month-Old Daughter

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  2. Raping a 5 month old? WT...? Words, they fail me. They both deserve to be put away for as long as possible. I'm glad the poor child is now in a good home.
  3. Sometimes, I really hate people.
  4. words...
  5. Such a disgusting story...poor child! :cry:
  6. I am glad the Mom is now locked away forever but how come the man only got 37.5 years?? This was a joint effort.
  7. I fail to see how a dependent personality disorder explains such sick, evil and deplorable behavior.

    Thank goodness there are termination of parental rights laws.
  8. this is so sick, there are no words.
  9. They both need life sentences with no parole.
  10. Great point, it doesn't. Hail Mary defense tactic.
  11. Don't even know what to say...
  12. I want to shoot this b!tch myself and ram a pole up that disgusting pig of a man's ***.
  13. Exactly. He actually raped this child. A grown man raping a baby is the most despicable, disgusting thing in this world. I hope he gets beaten hard every day in prison. Hopefully into a coma eventually.
  14. What a horrible story.. but at least both of them will rot away in jail.
  15. Rotting in jail is too good for them. Just wipe them off the face of the earth and be done with it. They are of no value.