Mum jailed for dumping dead son in rubbish

  1. I am totally shocked at this news report, how could a mother (or anyone) do this to their own child? She treated him like a piece of garbage - there is something not quite right with this whole situation.,25197,23023446-12377,00.html

    From correspondents in Hong Kong | January 08, 2008

    A 29-year-old Hong Kong mother has been jailed for 32 months for dumping the body of her three-year-old son in the rubbish after he choked to death on a sticky dumpling.
    Leung Man-ki, a single mother, was sentenced in Hong Kong's district court for 32 months for preventing the burial of a corpse, according to a judiciary spokeswoman.

    The court heard how Leung had fed her son a glutinous chicken dumpling for breakfast last June, but it got lodged in the child's throat and caused his death.

    She then discarded the boy's body in a plastic bag and left it with other trash on the street. The body was taken away by a rubbish truck to a landfill and has never been recovered.

    Leung had originally been charged with murder, but the charge was reduced to the lesser offences of cruelty and prevention of burial.
  2. omg. crazy nut bags these days =(
  3. That is insane! How could she just put her son out like yesterday's trash?

    Just when I thought I had seen and heard it all...
  4. Stomach churning and sickening beyond belief. She should never be allowed the privilege of being a mother ever again.
  5. Incredible. Absolutely incredibly disgusting, it sounds as though after taking out the trash she just wiped her hands and forgot about him. That poor child, I hope she took better care of him during his life than she did in his death, and to think that such a small innocent child will remain dumped and lost in a rubbish tip now for all eternity.. :crybaby:
  6. I honestly can't believe that the mother received such a light sentence - there is absolutely no excuse for her behaviour, I simply can't comprehend it. FrankieP my thoughts exactly.
  7. How can they just simply let her off the hook so easy? She could have killed him for all we know. It could have been negligence. Maybe she could have mitigated the situation. But we know she is some kind of imbecile for dumping her own child with waste.
  8. That makes me sick to my stomach:throwup:!
  9. wow, I heard of people being cheap, but this is ridiculous
  10. that's disgusting.
  11. OMG...was that necessary to throw the child away. She probably would have done much better had she told the truth and brought the child to the hospital. I mean throwing a baby away with trash..Lord have Mercy on us.
  12. this woman could not have been at all stable.
  13. How sad.. When I was a baby I almost died from chocking on a chicken bone.. I cant imagine my mom throwing me in the garbage if i had died..
  14. horrific
  15. Agreed.