1. Texting
    Getting dressed
    Drinking water
  2. catching up on tPF
    watching TV
    shopping online
    reading a blog
    drinking water
  3. tpf
    drinking tea
    checking lists
    listening to music
  4. on tpf
    replying to emails
    looking for movies to add to netflix queue
    listening to music
    drinking iced coffee
    IMing with a friend
    should be working, but not paying much attention to that
  5. Tpf'ing
    Drinking SB Mocha Frapp
    Listening to Pandora
    Checking Facebook messages
    Uploading vaca pictures to my laptop
  6. drinking tea
    listening to music
    looking at city map
    checking dates on calender
  7. Tpfing
    Cooking a yummy dinner.
  8. Tpfing
    Checking emails
    Listening to music
    Drinking a chai latte
  9. sipping green tea
    munching snacks
    reading articles on my laptop
    watching tv
    texting with friends
    catching up on tpf
    feeling a little sleepy
  10. working
    checking email
    catching up on tPF
    catching up on another forum
    downloading pics from camera & uploading to photobucket
    watching TV
    drinking water
    painting my nails
  11. listening to music
    flipping through an interior design magazine
    writing lists
    drinking water
  12. Playing tea party with my nieces
    Drinking coffee
    Talking toy nieces & mom
    Listening to a mocking bird
    Enjoying nature
    Petting my brother's dogs
  13. Tpfing
    Checking personal/work emails
    Drinking water
    Eating yogurt
  14. tPFing
    Sitting in a bus
    Writing to a friend
    Listening to music
    Thinking about tomorrow
    Browsing the net
  15. Watching TV
    Talking with SIL & nieces