1. This morning:
    Sitting up in bed on laptop checking TPF and FB
    Sipping coffee
    Watching DH under his headphones learning some music
    Trying to get my butt out of bed
  2. Currently getting a pedi
    Searching tpf
    And txt msg'ing abt 3 people.
  3. what color?

    (yes, I am bored!)
  4. on a conference call
    IM'ing a project manager
    checking calendar availability
    notating action items (for me)
    reading Facebook updates (oops)
  5. Here you go
  6. naughty girl! :sneaky:
  7. love that! neon is so fun on your toes.
  8. puahaha...this made me laugh out loud, literally! LOL Now it reminds me of that YUPPPPPPP guy from Storage Wars haha.

    Checking emails, drafting a protective order, eating a bag of potato chips, and looking at my phone.
  9. wow! I like that.
  10. Tpfing & eating a salad.
  11. I have to take it easy again today. Overdid it a bit yesterday. Probably should not have went out for lunch. Still recovering from minor illness.

    Texting family and friends
    contemplating finishing some artwork (can't get motivated!)
    more laundry
  12. Lol, I find I can't do just one thing. I am commonly:

    On the computer; tPF, FB, e-mails, a couple other boards & pinterest.
    One eye on the TV, drinking wine (in the evening), having a nibble or two.
    Sometimes doing my nails, clipping coupons, writing in my journal, talking on the phone...

    ...I love multitasking :smile:
  13. ^:hugs: stay in the queen you know you are :king:

    watching TV
    catching up on tPF
    catching up on another forum
    scanning blogs for swatches
    catching up on email
    cleansing & moisturizing

  14. Watching TV.
    Reading gossip websites.
    Play games in Board Games subforum.
  15. catching up on tPF
    watching TV
    drinking iced coffee
    looking through town & country magazine
    going through my mail