Multitalent of Hermes

  1. I am so tired of myself that I need to travel for three days with 3 different bags:confused1:
    So what would be your ONE and ONLY H-bag which fits the following requirements( doesnt mean you only own one bag, but you should travel regularly with this particular one)

    -all year around colour and leather (no box, no croc)
    -absolutely secure agains 'unwanted hands' :p
    -goes well with business outfit
    -fits a medium agenda, 2 cells, make-up bag, keys, wallet, small bottle of water
    -possibility of shoulder-strap or longer handles
    - good refurbishing possibilities
  2. bolide in togo or clemence or vl (if you want a stiffer feel) color i would say a nice rouge (garrance if you like a pop or rouge h more muted)
  3. I agree, a Bolide.
  4. Bolide!
    I'll show you mine when you come here next time. 37cms should do the trick for you.
  5. Definitely 37 Bolide.
  6. Thanks ladies!
    I also think the bolide 37 would be a great choice!
    Hello, i am looking forward to see yours next time!!!!!!
  7. ^For you I think not a rigide, but a mou form would be perfect.
  8. Any color advise?
    Is the mou version comes only in clemence?
  9. i would say gold or black clemence. bolide is a great choice!
  10. or even graphite or cafe.
  11. All new Bolides are in Mou. Paris has apparently put a stop to making rigide Bolides.
  12. Graphite Clemence Bolide in 37cm would be a lovely travel bag!
  13. Bolide indeed! My 32 bolide managed an 8-day road trip with three children magnificently, with all you describe and more. I agree though that a 37 would be even more comfortable! And get a color that makes you happy - all Hermes colors can be "neutral" in their own way.
  14. I am probably the wrong person to post because I have all neutrals! LoL But if you match your bag to your hair, you will ALWAYS feel as though you are put together. I have an Ebene evergrain and a blonder Vache Epsom natural, and so since I am blondish, these colours ALWAYS compliment!

    Bolides are gorgeous but I have to consider bucking the trend and saying a 32 Kelly would suit too. Potentially a retourne, to fit a bit more, but I think they impart a sense of chic-ness to any outfit.

    Good luck deciding! :tup:
  15. Really? wow! you know the reason behind it? I wonder if they'll bring it back?