1. How many multipockets do you have, color and size? Which do you prefer and why?
  2. One in small, but I prefer the large now. That's what I'm searching for now.
  3. I had a small oatmeal, and sold it because I prefer the large. Now I have a large Bark and a large Ferrari. I :heart: them.

    I find that the large is aLOT easier to get into than the small for me. I can fit my sunglasses on the end pocket of the large. I can also fit a novel into the opening of the large. I tend to carry a book around in case I get stuck in a line somewhere!
  4. ^ Bark and Ferrari sound divine!

    I have two small, Amethyst and quilted Petrol. The size is great for me. Anything bigger and it would be too heavy from all the stuff I would put in. I've always loved the size and versatility of the MP.
  5. I need another bag like I need another hole in my head, but I am really craving something amethyst....Thithi, I love your bags!

    I agree about the MP, it is so versatile that you can't go wrong with this style. You just have to find the size that is better for you! :flowers:
  6. I have a black nylon, sport size. Also, have a sport size that is a light pink. It's not blush. Can't remember the color.
  7. Just got my first one on Friday. :love: It's the large black fall '06 with gold hardware and darker stitching. (What color is that, exactly? Mouse?) The fine folks at Neiman Marcus tracked it down for me.
  8. :P ^ I have a small black w/silver hardware..I LOVE it!..But I can't find a wallet to match! **sob ** You will have NO prob..That's all I see are the one's w/ gold hardware! Enjoy ! :heart: Emmy
  9. Congrats kezza! Hope you like the MP.. I believe it's the new season black. Saw it in the store and it was lovely!

    It's the MP family! Keep 'em coming girls!
  10. I have it in amethyst and it is wonderful! Go for it. I think I would like it in black.
  11. How do you like your black with dark stitching multipocket?
  12. ^ Kezza got Fall 06's Black which has grey stitching, this combination has less contrast than those with white stitching. This season's Black has black stitching, it blends in with the leather; to my surprise, I don't like this combination.