multipocket vs. blake

  1. I remember going to Saks and they had the Blake and the multipocket hobo in this delicious orange color! Which one would you gals choose and why?

    Also, did the blake and the multipocket ever come in different sizes? I thought the orange ones were a lot smaller than usual!
  2. multipocket. Because I love shoulder bags. I like the blake, but love the multipocket.
  3. I've owned both styles--the smaller multipocket and the Blake. I eventually grew "out" of the small multipocket. It was just too small for me and I was having a hard time using all four outer pockets. So she went on and found a great new home.

    I have the Blake still and I love the bag. It's great for fun and work. The two pockets are just what I need--cell in one pocket, mints in the other. And I love the three compartments of the bag. Really helps keep you organized! So my vote is for the Blake! I love that it looks great on the arm and also works on the shoulder.
  4. Oh and the Blake only comes in one size. But there are two different sizes for the multipocket--small and large. The small is a little smaller than the Blake, whereas the large is bigger than the Blake... Hope that gives you some size perspective.
  5. Blake - I prefer bags with 2 shoulder straps & multiple compartments. It can be dressed up/down; I find it less casual than MP.
  6. hmm, I do like the compartment organization of the Blake but I swear I saw a Blake that was smaller in Saks. Are there pictures of forum members with their blakes here?
  7. k I saw the Blake too and I thought it was smaller as well!
  8. I LOVE the Blake. Here's a pic of me with my denim Blake.
  9. I also carry it on my shoulder too!

    I also have the Blake in black. It really is a fabulous bag. I like it much better than the multipocket.
  10. Kat, your blake looks fabulous. The blake is probably easier to use than the multipocket.
  11. i like the multipocket better imo, the blake is too much for me.
  12. oh Kat thanks for the pictures!!! That bag looks fantastic~~~ the color is divine!
  13. i have a blake in blueberry and i love it! It is a great bag to carry around. One of those "easy" bags that you can just grab and go!! And the 3 compartments keeps things organised! The suede interior is divine. :tender:
  14. I'm a multipocket gal.