Multipocket Size Question

  1. I have found two multipocket is called "large" and says it measures 13" across, the other is a small but the SA measured it and says it is ALSO 13" across. On the BG website the small for the same price is showing as 9"...I am SO confused! The SA said the large is more like 16" across. Can someone please clarify this for me?

    Also, what is the difference between the blueberry color and the denim (leather) color from spring? HELP! :amazed: TIA!
  2. I am not sure of the color names, but I would recommend the large over the regular if you like slouchy. The regular has minimal strap drop. You almost need to push the center down a bit to have a comfortable space. The large slouches when you sit it down or carry it. The weight of your stuff naturally makes it fall down in the center. The weight of the feet and the heavier pushlocks also makes it slouch more.

    The regular really is more like 9" tall when it is fully stuffed. It all depends on where they are measuring. To the rings on the sides or up the center.

    Does this make any sense :shame:?
  3. ET, I tried Large MP on IRL a while ago, it's definitely not 16" across (size of big bags such as MJ's Stella). I'm quite sure that Large is 13" across & Small is 9" across. Selena & Coachwife both have Large MPs, maybe some measurements for ET? =) The most noticable differences between the two MPs are the feet (Large only) and the pushlocks (tiny on Small).

    Check out this listing for pictures of Large MP in Blueberry:

    Small MP in Linen
  4. I was looking at that one! I called MJ in California and found one, but now I am not sure whether the bag in The Devil Wears Prada is blueberry or denim. Another PF member sent me pics of her denim bag and it's GORGEOUS! Does anyone know what color hardware was on the bag in the film?
  5. Maybe we'll find out eventually. Here is all the movie prop clothes and accessories put up for auction from the movie. No multi MJ bag yet...but there is 2 Nancy Gonzalez bags. Prices for most stuff is really up there.
  6. That's a good lead! Now I am trying to figure out colors. I posted this on the main Handbag thread, but here are the two colors we are between...blueberry (right side of first photo, brass hardware, white edging on leather) and denim (right photo courtesy of Maxie, silver hardware, white stitching). If you remember which of these meets the specs of the bag in the film, please let me know!
    MJ colors resized.jpg denim_multi_2 resized.jpg
  7. ET, I won't be seeing the movie until tomorrow or the day after so I couldn't help on its exact color.

    In your 1st picture, the left item is Denim Blake & right item is Blueberry MP; the colors look closer to those I have seen IRL -- Denim isn't as blue & dark as Blueberry. Denim colored styles I saw have silver hardwares, I can't remember whether Blueberry colored styles have gold or silver hardwares.
  8. I am 99% sure it is denim. I remember silver pushlocks. I also don't remember the white trim under the pockets in the blueberry.
  9. I agree. I wish I could see the whole scene in slow-mo. But I don't recall white stitching, and it seems to me (nearly sure) it was silver pushlocks.
    What a beauty that bag was. But 1900 dollars? That's what the movie quoted anyway. Is it less expensive anywhere around here? What about ebay. I'm not familiar with MJ so are they highly faked?
  10. MJ just started putting gold on their bags recently, I believe. So, if the movie was shot more than a few months ago, it would have to be one with silver pushlocks.
  11. I remember it being the lighter one. The purse on the left side.
  12. Well, I did the only thing a girl can do...I went back at lunchtime and saw the movie again! The bag is definitely a medium blue with some grey in it, and it has gold/brass hardware. But I could not see the stitching, and MJ told me today that the denim bag came with gold OR silver hardware, depending on which store ordered what. So I called MJ again and they are sending me both colors and I get to pick between the two. Ah....finally a logical solution! The color looked darker, like the blueberry, but I did not see any white edging. But with the angles the bag is shown from it was hard to see any stitching/edging at all! So I will just go with whichever color looks closest when they arrive (hopefully by this Friday!). Thanks for all of your help! I will post pics of them side by side for anyone else who decides they want one.
  13. ET, MJ boutiques have very strict return/exchange policy: They only allow exchanges (store credit) within 7 days with receipt. Hope everything works out. =)
  14. I don't think that is what the bag actually costs. They probably just threw that number in the movie so that viewers would think it's a big deal.
  15. I know...hate that! But I am sure I can find SOMETHING that I like. She said they will send out bags until I find what I want.