Multipocket questions

  1. Hi all. i saw a beautiful mp at bloomies today, but was wondering if the smaller size's pockets hold much? as opposed to the larger one. do you use the outer pockets?

    also how much does the large MP retail for. i know the smaller is 895. thanks!
  2. Hmm... I don't really use the pockets for much, maybe for business cards or a metro pass.
  3. I used to own the small MP. I found myself using all the pockets. I put my cell in one, a tin of mints in another, a chapstick or lipstick in one pocket and then a measuring tape in the fourth. I thought they were really handy and nice to keep smaller items handy without rolling around in the bag. Then all I had in my bag would be a pen, wallet and sunglasses!
  4. BTW I think the large retails for $995.
  5. I almost never used those pockets. But when I did, I had my work key card in it and sometimes smaller make up items like lipstick. I did not think that the pockets were a different size on the small MP and the large MP.
  6. I use my pockets for my cell phone, mints, lipglass and other little things that i like to not search for in the bottom of my bag. Yess i believe i paid about $995. It comes in handy.
  7. I use all the pockets. One for keys, one for chapstick/ lipbalm, one for travel size Purell.... It's all very handy!
  8. Are there 2 sizes of Multipockets?
    What are the dimensions of each?

    Thank you!!!
  9. Small ($895USD): 9W x 8H x 5D
    Large ($995USD): 13W x 12H x 5D
    Large MP has bigger padlocks and 4 protective feet.
    Soft Calf Multipocket has a single rolled leather shoulder strap.

    Quilted Multipocket (not being made this season) has a chain shoulder strap, it came in 2 sizes as well - $1100USD for Small, ? for Large (saw it in Nordstrom's Look Book a long time ago, can't remember its price).

  10. There was a large quilted Multipocket? Do these ever pop up anywhere? If this exists, it would have to be my new "Holy Grail" MJ bag! Does anyone have one of these?
  11. This style is from a while ago, it's harder to find. I only saw it in Nordstrom's old look book.
  12. I also use the little pockets for the little things that always get lost.
  13. the pockets are perfect for lip gloss, credit cards, money, change.. just anything small that can fit. they come in handy especially the one facing the front u can just open it without taking your bag off your shoulder-- put whatever u can in there!
  14. Thank you very much, I appreciate it :smile:

    What are the new Fall/Winter MP colors? :confused1:


  15. ^ Fall 06 Soft Calf colors (already in stores): Black, Amethyst, Charteuse, Emerald, Linen, Graphite, Whiskey.

    Have to check with MJ boutiques for Spring 07 colors.