Multipocket question

  1. So after looking at the pics in the ref library, i've come to the conclusion that I want a multipocket as well....eventually. So the MP comes in 2 sizes right? The smaller ones are called "Small MP" right? The larger size is the MP? Thanks!
  2. No, they are both called Multipocket. It's just that one is the small and one is the large.
  3. Ah, i see. Thanks!
  4. What color are you thinking about? Are you going to get it from a dept store or eBay?
  5. Melly posted that she saw a cantaloupe mp at NMLC in CO. I keep thinking and obessing over it. I really like the cantaloupe color!
  6. Also how would one know if it's a small or large if one wasn't there to see it in person. If I called in to inquire about the cantaloupe mp, i wonder if the SA would be able to tell me if it's small or large?
  7. You can ask. They have the size on the ticket.
  8. Nice! Thanks so much for your help!
  9. The official names are MULTIPOCKET (the regular size) and LG MULTIPOCKET (the bigger size).
  10. See that's what I thought initially. I thought there was a distinction between sizes. :shrugs:
  11. ^ LG MULTIPOCKET has feet on the bottom of the bag.
  12. Thank you! This should help me when phone ordering.
  13. ooooh, cantaloupe is yummy! (the bag and the fruit) post pics if you decide to get her, please!
  14. I just called the Denver NMLC. The gal was very helpful btw. She looked and looked for it but it was gone. Someone must have already purchased it. Oh well.
  15. sorry that you didn't get the bag. do you by any chance know if they still have the maroon multipocket?