Multipocket in Whiskey - yay?

  1. I have a huge credit at the MJ SF store, but nothing has caught my eye lately. Today I stopped in NM and saw a large multipocket in Whiskey. How has this escaped me? :graucho: It was gorgeous, with matching stitching which I loved. What do you experts here think? good choice? I only wear silver jewelry, would the gold hardware make a difference??? thanks for the help ladies.

    Also, does the large multi get really heavy filled up?:confused1:
  2. I have to say double yay on this one. The large MP is my favorite MJ bag. It does get heavy if you fill it too full, but it is not so bad if you carry it on your shoulder. I usually carry my wallet, note pads, letters to be mailed, checkbook, candy, ibuprofin, a novel or two, and other miscellaneous doo dads around and it is by no means unbearable. Plus, the pockets on the outside are really handy. Is the lining suede or twill?

  3. AHHH that would look gorgeous! I just got this key pouch in the same combo..LOVE IT but I may opt for a zip clutch instead.
  4. And I have the same dilemma as you, I'm attracted to silver jewelry, and trying to figure out if I could carry the zip clutch in with gold hardware.. But I think I would go for it anyway. MJ gold hardware is just so classy.
  5. aarti, I am a silver jewelry girl too, but haven't had much trouble combining silver bangles/rings with antiqued gold bag hardware. But then again, I don't give stuff like that much thought. Just wear things together if I like them :smile:
  6. Great choice...I really don't get too worried about hardware b/c I wear both silver and gold at different times and I'm anal enough w/out thinking about that too.
  7. I think the Whisky MP is a great bag! I adore MPs, those bags are so versatile, and carry everything comfortably inside. The pockets are handy, and the gold hardware is great this season.

    From what I've seen, Whisky has a dark cream suede interior.. lovely!!
    I hope you get it!
  8. I think you should go for it :P. I'm usually not too fond of brown color but in the past 3 months I've got 2 brown bags and I did see whiskey MJ IRL and I think it's a really pretty color. I used to hate the gold hardwares cause I like the old MJ style but I've grown to like it now and whiskey color with gold hardwares just bring out the color of the bag even more.

    I used to own a large multipocket and it did get heavy sometimes as I put alot of junk in it. I guess I just can't help it when I have a very roomy bag but I learned my lesson :P. Just be smart at what you put in your bag and you're all good
  9. :yes: YAY!!! Whiskey is a gorgeous color and I bet an MP in this color would be divine. Go for it!
  10. Go for it..Its a great color and the hardware shouldnt make a difference!
  11. ^well said!
  12. Get a watch that uses both silver and gold to tie your purse and jewlery together. There's some nice two-tone solar watches in the citizen eco line.

    One of my neighbors did this and it looks fantastic on her.
  13. thanks for the input ladies, unfortunately there are no more in the MJ store inventory so she's going to send me the new cocoa color. It's a shade darker and it has contrast stitching, so I'm not sure I'm gonna like it. I'm so sad :sad:
  14. ^ Good luck with the MJ! I'm sure you'll like it - it's MJ! Please post pics when you get it...I'm curious to see what the color looks like.
  15. aww messanger I feel for you! It stinks when you finally get excited about a bag and then it magically disappears. I haven't seen the cocoa color IRL. I'd be interested to see what you think about it!