Multipocket help

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  1. I'm new to the Multipocket, but after trying on the small one at NM, I'm considering purchasing one... are there three sizes? How big is each (if you have one do, you mind measuring it? :flowers:) Thanks everyone!
  2. I know this one! Ok. There are two sizes of the multipocket. If a tag says just "multipocket", that is the small, and it measures about 9"x9". The large multipocket says "Large Multipocket" on the tag, and it measures about 13" x 10". Both measurements are from seam to seam. The shoulder strap on both bags is approximately 15", and they are both about 4" deep. The large mp does hang down lower, and is easier (for me) to get into.

    I have owned this bag in both sizes, and the large is the size for me. It seems like this is a bag that you either gravitate toward one size or the other. This is my favorite MJ bag. You can fit things in each of the outside pockets...I put my sunglasses in the pocket on the end of the large, because the pockets are a bit longer. There is a zippered pocket on the inside of the bag, too. It is not too heavy, and you can fit lots of stuff inside. If I missed something or you have a specific question about the large, let me know!
  3. :P Hi Liya! I have the small multi pocket...I LOVE it! It's a perfect size for me and it's true....You can carry a lot of stuff! Did you try on both sizes to see how they look? Be careful...You may want both! Someday I want a large one in a color...My multi pocket is black.....Good luck! :heart: Emmy
  4. I own a small mp and I wish I would have bought it in large now. Try on both and put your stuff inside of it to make your decision.
  5. I guess I don't carry much stuff, just my wallet, lip gloss, huge sunnies, keys and phone. The small MP is perfect for me! And I still have plenty of room to spare...
  6. I have the small one and if I had it to do over I would buy the large multipocket. The small one is just a bit too small--especially the outer pockets, which aren't even big enough for my cell phone or keys. Still, in either size it's a great bag!
  7. I have small multipocket in black and I used to have a large one in Lilac. I really like the bag alot. The big sometimes it can be too big though it is very handy. I like the small one too. So far it fits all my needs.

    If you don't want to pay retail price, do your reasearch on ebay and always ask PF ladies to help you authenticate the bag. Multipocket will make a great collection!
  8. You guys are awesome... Thank you all for your help!

    I have learned so much and will be sure to share pictures with you if/when I purchase a mp! :balloon:
  9. I just bought the multi pocket large size a few days ago.
    Mine is a deep dark green color with suede lining..
    Although I was having doubts about this bag!
    Right now I can't wait to receive it.
    I'll post pics as soon as I get it~!