multipocket - Cherry Blossom or Denim???

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  1. Hi all, I'm thinking of bidding on a multipocket, but can't decide if I should go with the cherry blossom or the denim?

    What do you think?




    I love the denim color but I wear so much denim I wonder if I"ll look like a mail man (blue bag, blue jeans) ... on the other hand has anyone seen the cherry blossom in person? is it really bright in person???
  2. I can tell you that I just bought the cherry blossom small MP and I LOVE it. It's definitely a bright, vibrant pink but it's gorgeous. Check out my pics in the "MJ bags in action" thread. The color came out pretty accurately.

    Denim is deifnitely the more neutral color of the two. You would probably get more use out of it. But if you want a pop of color next to your denim, go for the Cherry Blossom!!!:nuts::yes:
  3. I just grabbed a lg. MP in Cherry Blossom, and LOVE it. O all the pinks MJ has done in the past, the CB is my favorite! Very versatile, too. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to see the denim IRL to compare.
  4. I have a Cherry Blossom Blake and I LOVE it. It's such a fun, girly color that really stands out. I also love Denim, but it's a bit too light for me.
  5. Both colors are great, but I prefer denim. It really won't be the same color of your jeans. I doubt anyone would confuse you with a mailman, but your comment made me giggle!
  6. I have the MP in both denim and in petunia and love both - I just love pink bags, but honestly the denim goes with a lot more, and it goes great with jeans!!
  7. I think denim looks better only because I'm not much of a pink person so I'm biased but in all honesty the cherry blossom color is nice but DENIM is better! :P
  8. My vote is for Denim. I really like the Cherry Blossom but I think the Denim is more versatile. Let us know what you decide!
  9. The cherry blossom color is just so gorgeous. I'd say go for that one!
  10. Go for the cherry blossom. Denim bags look so cute, but then when you wear them, they end up looking weird. I bought a denim bag years ago thinking it would match with anything, and when I got it home and tried it on with outfits, I couldn't get it to match anything! Haha...denim is weird like that.
  11. I vote for denim!!!! It's hot!!!!!!
  12. I'd go with the cherry blossom! My only concern is that it's going to be a little more picky with what you wear.

    On another note...Coach really needs to stop ripping off MJ bags...I know there's one similar to this, and I've seen a handful of others that were direct MJ rip offs...
  13. The denim is a beautiful color...and it's so rare - I'd go denim.
  14. If you wear a lot of denim than get the blue one. I actually saw the MJ Denim at Nordstrom Rack just a week ago for $379. You might want to call your local Nordstrom Rack to see if they still have some. Good Luck!
  15. my vote does to the cherry blossom.