1. Hey guys! Im new to the forum.

    I bought a multipli-cite bag about two weeks ago but the back of one of the strap of the bag is wrinkling all over. Is that normal?

    Thanks !!
  2. Where did you purchase it from? Perhaps you can bring it back?
  3. Neiman Marcus at new port. But I already used it, so I'm not sure if I can return it.

    Just wondering if the wrinkles are normal.
  4. I have wrinkles in my Cabas Piano too... I think it is normal on some bags. Not ideal but...
  5. I bought my multipli-cite about 1.5 weeks ago and haven't seen any noticable wrinkles in the straps. It might be worth at least taking it back to the SA you bought it from. It's an expensive purchase and you should be happy with it! :yes:
  6. Just bring it back to them and ask what's going on. The SA's at Neiman Marcus are really nice!!! Especially Jun!!!
  7. if the handles are flat and not rolled, it is normal
  8. ITA, I have some slight wrinkling on my BV.