multipli-cite squeaking at buckles - help!

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  1. hi everyone. i just got a new mono multipli-cite, which i LOVE, but it the straps are pretty fat, and squeak a little at the handles. :Push: any ideas to get the squeak out?

    does wd-40 or oil work or do you have any other tips? thanks!!!!
  2. Oil and WD-40 near the handles would scare the crap out of me, especially for a new bag !

    I remember some ladies mentioned rubbing a candle along zippers to make them run more smoothly, maybe wax of some sort ? If anything, any missteps won't hurt as much as an oil stain.

    Congrats on your new bag, and welcome ! :smile:
  3. Congrats on the great bag, the squeaking will go away after a few uses. The vachetta will stretch a little as the handles move, oil or WD40 will probably stain it. Just take her out a few times & enjoy the sounds of newness while they last.
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