Multipli-cite or Viva-Cite GM?? Opinions?

  1. Do you have either of these bags??

    Are they too bulky when worn? Uncomfortable? Functionally, is it easy to get in to and out of?? Or is the opening too stiff?

    I'm kinda interested in big bags now that I have a BH..(which I adore!) ..but I wonder if these will be too structured or something.

    I seen a woman a few wks. ago with the multipli-cite (which I'm favoring) and it looked so nice on her.

    Your thoughts/opinions...Thx!
  2. I don't have either but I think this bag was discussed before and many have said that it's uncomfortable to get things in/out of it and that it's stiff.
  3. my aunt has the multipli-cite

    its a great "going to work" or "going to church" bag in which you need a lot of papers or some books a dictionary and what not.

    very functional :smile:
  4. I love the multipli-cite. Haven't broken down and bought one yet, but tried it on many times and love it!!