Multipli-Cite made in US?

  1. I recently purchased a Multipli-Cite and was surprised (disappointed) to see it is made in the US. I thought they were made in France? Does anyone else have one made in the US? Thx :smile:
  2. Made in the USA is good but, I know what you is a French company so I always get more excited when it says, "made in France"...a couple of my pieces say, "made in Spain" and I to was disappointed...the fact that my coach bag says, "made in China" really bothers me is an American company so it should say, "made in USA"...I stopped buying coach for that reason plus I fell in love with LV....
  3. Yes, some LV is made in the USA, as well, as LVpug says Spain.
  4. My Multipli-Cite says Made in France but I think seeing Made in USA is becoming more and more common.
  5. I had to go check mine. It was made in France, but I bought it in Italy.
  6. Made in France for me too