Multipli-cite date code....

  1. I've had my multipli-cite for about two weeks now and completely adore her! Anyway, bought from eluxury but I can't seem to find the date code. I've heard they can be hard to see in the red lining, but any hints were I should look? I don't doubt it's authentic just curious to know where it is. Thanks for your help!
  2. Get a flashlight and look close to the seam. It's very hard to see. :yes:
  3. ^^^^ cool thanks. I'll try that tonight!
  4. Look near the pocket.
  5. What is the date code and where can I find it? I purchased a Multipli-Cite as well but at the LV store in Beverly Center in California... But I can use all info I can get on the details, since that was my first LV purchase..
  6. mine was very hard to find too! I had to really ply the seam up to see it. I can only see it with a flashlight as well.
  7. If it has the Alcantara lining, it's gonna be hard. Definitely grab a flashlight and go as close to the seam as possible. :idea:
  8. I never lookeformine because I bought it at LV. Now, I'm just curiousif it can be seen!
  9. inside the pocket near the seam.

  10. Hi - Thanks for all of the information here. I purchased my Multipli-cite from the LV store in Tysons Corner, VA so I know it's real. I looked all over my Multipli-Cite and finally found in near the seam on the main compartment if you unzip it, it's on the side where the Zipper pull is. I could barely see it. I only found it because I used a flashlight.