Multipli-cite...Anyone have this bag??

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  1. If you have this it comfortable? Looks like it may be a bit bulky/uncomfortable? hmm..:hrmm: Looks nice n' roomy though...Seems like your arm would stick out then hang over it may be too structured/wide or something...

    Also from the pic at Elux..

    ..the opening looks like it may be hard to get in and out of.....Do you find that the opening doesn't open wide enough?? Like it's too tight/narrow?

  2. When I was shopping for diaper bags this was one of the ones I considered, but it was hard to get in and out of and the straps didn't seem to ever want to sit on my shoulder the right way.
  3. I almost bought this as my first LV. I love it. One day I think I will have to buy it. :smile:
  4. i tried it on and that's exactly what happened. it's a beautiful bag, but very structured which seems to make it stiff. i do want to try it on again though.
  5. My mom has the Vive Cite (the next size down) and the zipper is kind of the same. Things sometimes get stuck while you're trying to get them out. But really, it doesn't stick out all that much, not anymore than the Mezzo tote would. The bag kind of goes behind you while you're carrying it anyway so you don't have to worry about any arm hang over lol.
  6. I have considered this bag, and am still intrigued by it.

    There are a few people at work that have it, and I always look enviously at them. The bulk/structure is the thing that has scared me away so far, but it still appeals to me. And, I bet that it would soften up a little after use so that it wouldn't be quite so bulky.
  7. I have this bag and I hate to admit it, but I never carry it.It is so beautiful but so stiff and the straps just dont work right for me.I "had" to have it:shame: and it just doesn,t work for me.The bad part is how much the darn thing cost.
  8. When I stopped at the boutique last summer I saw a lady trying it on and I have to admit it looked AMAZING on her.
  9. I asked the SA to see it back in April. I just looked inside real quick and then the outside for a minute..thought it might be too big for me. So I didn't try it on.

    Now that I've had my BH for a wk. today. Gotten use to it's size. (I usually go for smaller bags). I thought...hmm...Since I did like the look of the Multipli-cite...maybe in the future.

    But I remember when I looked at it that it seemed bulky. That's why I wanted some insight from those who've used/owned one. It seems like it would be functional. As far as the cell pocket on the outside and other pockets as well. I just worry about the bulkiness of it, and the opening looking to awkward/smallish.

    Thx all for your comments, and help!!:yes:
  10. I tried this on again over lunch and really liked it.

    Lately I've been carrying my Vavin GM (did I mention how much I'm enjoying this often over-looked bag?), and the multiplicite carries similarly, if that makes sense.

    I may need to get this bag! It's cute, roomy and very functional with those outside pockets!
  11. Personally I feel it's not really a purse, it's a tote, so I don't know if it should go on the shoulders. I always see my boss carry hers by hand, she places one strap on top of the other and carries it that way.

    I know on Elux they show it on a mannequin, but you can put any tote on a mannequin for a few minutes and make it look good.