Multiples of the same bag in different color?

Do have multiples of the same bag in different colors?

  • None of my bags are the same style in a different color

  • Only 1 or 2 bags of the same style in different colors

  • Many of my bags are the same style in different colors

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Unreformed handbag addict
Sep 13, 2005
I never really did this until Sabrina. I have 6 of them, all bought on sale: black leather (large and small), cherry leather (large), purple leather (small), purple patent (small), blue patent (large). I just love the lines of the Sabrina and how practical both sizes can be, depending on how much you need to carry with you. I'm both excited and concerned that Sabrina is returning, because I do not need any more!


I shop for sport
Jan 3, 2010
Yes, multiple Zoes and multiple Brookes. The Zoes were intentional, the Brookes just happened because I kept finding ones that I liked! Generally I prefer to have a mix rather than multiples of the same thing, but things turned out this way!


Jul 18, 2009
It's funny - I do this with shoes all the time, but not bags. If I really like a pair of shoes (Usually coach shoes), I have to have them in more than one color. With bags, however, once I have a particular style, I move on to others.


Apr 12, 2010
I generally try to buy different styles, but I also double up if I find a style I really like. That's how I end up with 2 of each -- Alex, Ali, and Brooke. I also double up on my wallets and wristlets if I find a style I really like. And sometimes
it's just so hard to decide between colors, so better bring both home than making that agonizing decision. :smile:
Apr 23, 2010
I try to always buy different styles of bags in different colors also because I want to get the most variety BUT there are some styles you just fall in love with and want one in every color! I have 4 or 5 bags like that that I just love and NEED more than one color: the Garnet, the madison carry-all, the Clare and RM nikki and devote.


Apr 8, 2007
If I really like a bag, I have no problem buying it in several colors. The most I have of one style is 3, but it's not Coach. The most I have in Coach bags is 2 (Julia hobo in gunmetal and black). I also buy mutiple colors in shoes and clothes as well.
Dec 1, 2009
3 in the Brooke (large black, parchment & Olive Opt Art, 2 in the Zoe (chocolate & black both brass, 2 Peyton Carryall (black Croc & Opt Art in Flax??), Maggie (graphite & black leather) Last but not least... 4 ine the Sabrina ( Amethyst, Patent Camel, Cherry & Mustard) So I guess the answer is yes I have a few mutiples lol, didn't realize it was this bad though.