Multiples of items?

  1. Last year I bought a fantastic Banana Republic tote which I have used every day -- it is showing some wear-n-tear but for the most part looks great. I know that the bag probably won't make it past next winter so I am looking at a bag BR has online: CS Home

    The above bag is almost identical to the bag I have but zips across the top, which is wonderful since the one I own currently does NOT zip.

    So the question is, would it be odd to buy this buy now and store it away to pull out when my other bag gets worn out? Is it odd to stockpile items for a "rainy day" -- especially bags?
  2. i do this a lot because over the past two years i've been in the process of losing quite a bit of weight. when i find something i LOVE, i usually buy it one size smaller as well (particularly pants) so that when i invariably shrink out of the initial item, i still have one to wear.

    i also have several pairs of leather ballet flats from the gap that im thinking about buying more of so i have some when these wear out. they're cheap, so comfortable, and i get a lot of compliments.
  3. I think you should get more of it while you can. If you love it and it wears out, then it's always nice to have more "in stock". I have lots of clothes that I love, but never dare to wear because I know that once they wear out, I won't be able to get more of them and that sucks because they weren't expensive in the beginning, so it would have been worth the extra cost to buy more of them.
  4. I do that alot! If I find something I love, I buy several~ whether it be shirts, jeans, shoes, etc... As long as it isn't something really trendy that will inevitably have a "shelf life", go for it!

  5. I agree!

    I do this, although the truth is I do get sick of certain styles and then I eventually have tons of basics (like t shirts, jeans, etc.) left over that I never wear. There was a pair of jeans that I LOVED when I first bought them. Bought three pairs. Now the look seems dated (fitted and bootcut) and they don't seem to fit as well as they did before. I don't wear jeans that often anyway so it seems like such a waste to have so many pairs of the exact same jean....
  6. if u love it sooo much! stock them :p
    my friend's husband even stocked cell phone :roflmfao: there's this 1 cell phone that he really liked and he bought 3 of them.
    also shoes and almost everything.
  7. lol seahorse! i wish i was as smart as your friend's husband! there's a cell phone i really like discontinued so i'm hanging on to mine, cracks and all :p

    i definitely stock up on things i love, and use a lot, mainly clothes...i have some pieces same style and different colors.

    it's funny that i should run into this thread b/c going through my closet i found a fave top of mine worn out. hopefully tmr i'll find the exact shade again b/c it's something i wear often.

    if you love it, stock it, otherwise you're going to be calling yourself a fool later when that bag finally wears out and the style isn't 'in' anymore!
  8. It's not weird at all. When I find something I like, I usually stock them up. I love jcrew tissue tees so much that I decide to buy the same style in different colors.
  9. That's a really good idea actually...Nothing wrong with buying lots of something you like!
  10. I’d say: Go for it! I have done it in the past with clothes and shoes I loved and every time I didn't do it and the product was discontinued I regretted it! A lot of tPF members also have two or three BBags that are the same model and style:yes:
  11. Thanks ladies -- appreciate the feedback.

    The positive thing is that hopefully I can wait this out and get it on sale since I am not in need of the bag right now. And I have a gift card -- its funny cause in many ways I am more careful when I have a gift card than with my own money when I am chosing an item.
  12. I agree with everyone- if you really love something, stock up on it! (But in my case, the only thing I can afford to stock up on is Old Navy t-shirts :lol: )
  13. I agree too. Stock up! It isn't odd at all.
  14. I also do this a lot. Have bought 3 louis vuitton speedys after each one has worn out. I have multiple balenciagas.. and my favorite multiple is the most comfortable juicy couture hoodie. I have 26. If you love it, you'll use it. It's worse to have something you kinda like, not love.
  15. Definitely buy a 2nd one while you still can if it is something you know you really love. I have wide feet and I have a hard time finding cute shoes that fit so when I find a comfy pair I really love I always buy another pair while I still can. I have lots of things on "standby"