1. Ok, so I noticed some of you have multiple bags in ONE print. Some have like a luna, ciao ciao, buon viaggo, and like a dolce in one print. Those are pretty different in the fact that ones a duffle, ones a messenger, ones a tote, and ones a small shoulder bag. But would u guys have like a buon viaggo, gioco, and like a zucca in one print? How do you guys choose what kind of bags to get in one print?
  2. I usually buy the bella style just because the straps fit nicely on my shoulder and doesn't fall it's easy to open with one hand without having to put the bag down. I just recently got a gioco just because I'm trying to branch out style-wise. I can't buy the small HANDbags because I'm afraid someone will steal it out of my hands haha. Yes, crime is bad. LOL....or I'm just paranoid. If I were still going to school I would buy a Scuola..but right now I just have no reason to have one. And, I try not to buy the same print in bags just "because"...i feel I only need one print of each bag...I'm weird? lol.
  3. The only ones I have like that are the Paradiso gioco and BV. I had the gioco first... and the only reason I got the BV was because 1) it had the print placement I wanted in the front, 2) I like bigger bags, and 3) I got it at a GREAT discount.
  4. Not only that it gets pretty expensive when you start buying multiple bags. It is expensive as it is.
  5. So you buy multiple prints in the same style? I was gonna do that but its like I want one gioco and like a canguro in one print and iono it seems like i would need to do that with all the prints.
  6. Yes, I bought 2 of the same style with different prints. I have a Bella Citta Rosa, Bella Paradiso & a Amore Giocco. Sorry, I think I was confusing in my answer to you.
  7. Omg, it does! Im like some of these girls are crazy! But im just jealous.
  8. OMG, I'm super jealous too! I want like 10 bags...I've seen some collections and I went :wtf: :crybaby: :drool:
  9. Didn't you say you live in Ewa Beach...? Where do you hang out, Waianae, inner Waipahu, or Kalihi? *lol* But I guess there are a few ghetto places in Ewa...?
  10. Noo noo, I got you. I saw ur collection earlier. I looove your gioco!

    I just have an Inferno Ciao Ciao and Denaro right now. So I'm thinking of how I should build up my collection =]
  11. I'm buying multiples of prints...but only for the Paradiso and the Amore. I like the Inferno & Foresta but not enough to buy more than one bag of each even though I have a bunch of bags I'm not "getting as many" since I'm skipping out on all of the other ones.
  12. Reynald0C...ohhh OK, haha. I think I confused myself then HHAHAAHA. I have dee dee dee moments. & thanks for the comment on my gioco, I adore it!

    Maya, yes I live in Ewa Beach haha. It's not too bad over here, especially when I and my family know so much EB families haha. I'm talking about like walking around in Ala Moana or yeahhh in Waipahu (where I get my hair done) or in Waianae real dad lives over there haha. I think he's the only Asian guy on that side..nah nah. OMG..Kalihi? OH HELL bf said I will die if I go there hahhaha...Merights (sp?) hell no~ haha.

  13. Oh so you buy multiples of prints you love, not just all?

  14. yup yup :yes: i somehow feel less guilty about it...cuz in my pile the similare prints sort of blend it doesn't seem like so many :shrugs: it works out somehow in my brain.
  15. I'm not particularly fond of some prints like Inferno, Playground, Foresta or any of the solid ones...and I'm going to also stay away from Adios print because I've heard bad stuff about it lol. I don't know, I just wouldn't buy those prints because they don't match me? Hahah. If that makes sense. I like bright happy prints..mostly with the color pink, so yeah.