Multiple sizes of VCA vintage alhambra pendant?

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  1. Are there multiple sizes on the vintage alhambra pendant? (Looking specifically at YG/MOP). If so, anyone have modeling pics? TIA!
  2. I would love to see some modeling pictures too if anyone can help. Cheers
  3. There are three sizes of the MOP Alhambra pendant - sweet, vintage, and Magic. Sweet is really tiny (I believe most women layer these with another sweet or vintage sized pendant because it is rather small on its own), vintage is slightly smaller than a penny I believe, and Magic is the size of a quarter (about an inch across). I have the Magic MOP in WG and love it!

    Look in the reference library under Post Your VCA Pieces and in the main Jewelry Forum under "VCA Action Shots" for modeling pics. The main VCA thread also has a lot of modeling pics, but you have to search. If you look in the Celebrities wearing VCA thread, you will find pics of Kelly Rutherford wearing the vintage size MOP pendant. HTH!
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    Thankyou. I had seen that picture of Kelly Rutherford but wasn't sure what size the pendent was before . Very helpful!!