multiple phone calls...was anyone else annoyed?

  1. ok, i really don't want to sound petty...but does anyone know WHY coach felt the need to call me inviting me to the PCE event from 6 different stores?!?!? plus one store called me twice (one for me and one for my bf - i guess he gave them my number?)

    Seriously, the calls were getting out of hand...doesnt coach just have a master list? whats the deal, anyone know? I mean i KNOW it wasnt each store calling their clients, because all the calls came from a 404 (i think) area code....?!?!?

    anyone else feel the same? anyone know the reason for it??

    THANKS :smile:
  2. Hmmm, that's interesting as area code 404 is the Atlanta area...I guess on one hand it would be flattering (I assume you shop at each of these stores) but I agree 6 calls is a bit much! Maybe you can call customer service and give your feedback so they can improve the process next time.
  3. I received TWO different calls from TWO different boutiques from the boutiques' phone number directly. I frequent BOTH of these stores about the same. Then I received only ONE PCE card.
  4. I also received a call and a card here in Ohio. I can't believe that some girls get told no when they go into stores and ask for the discount....Whats up Coach!!!
  5. I only got one call. I didn't know that they called some people more than once.
  6. I never got a phone call..just a nice handwritten note on a coach postcard and a sales associates business card.
  7. That's really odd! Each store gets a list of people to call and it's not duplicated by store! Also, a third party did call other people so maybe that was it? I know a few of my customers got a generic call about it, but I also called to personally invite them/set up an appt.
  8. YEA!! see that was how it used to be, but this time around i was kind of like :wtf:...whats going on! you know? Don't get me wrong i was SUPER flattered, just confused I guess because honestly this time i have probably only spent id say about a $1000 at coach since the last pce...which compared to you ladies is NOT much at alll!!! and the WEIRDEST thing is, one of the phone calls was from a store that i've visited, BUT never shopped at! But some of the callers were VERY the point i was like hello...the sa would be like blah blah blah blah blah, ok bye. and i would have to be like hmmm what just happened there!!!

    lol i guess its a good problem to have but BLAH!!!! :s
  9. they kept calling from phone number blocked numbers. I didn't answer because first of all they were calling my cell and secondly why is coach blocking their number like it's super secret prank phone calls?
  10. I didn't get multiple phone calls, but I did get a call from a boutique that a) I've never been into and b) I don't really know exactly where it is.