Multiple of same print? And why?

  1. I was wondering how many of you all had multiple bag styles in the same print... (How many multiples? One? More?) and why? How do you justify it?

    I'm guilty of the whole multiple bags in same print as well but I was wondering about everyone else's reasoning... I just had no self control :sweatdrop:
  2. I haven't broke my rule yet, but i'm thinking i'm going to cave if I can find a perfect denaro in the Spiaggia!... but that's easier to justify, because then i'll have a bag and a wallet.. everyone does it! Hahahaha
  3. the reason why i buy multiple bags of the same print is beause i'm trying to get all the characters that i love! i've been pretty good with last years prints with 2 bags per print...n amore i splurged since its my #1 print..i dunno about spiaggia...its not my absolute fave, but i love it n now have four! lmao...i gotta cut back!
  4. I only like the foresta and amore prints. So, I don't have to worry about saving for other prints and can just get the bags in my favorite prints. My reasoning is that if I like it, I'll stick with it.
  5. i agree with whiskers! well not the amore part hahaha... i have 4 forestas, 9 infernos hahahah!! I only love these prints the best so far so I went a lil :nuts: ...
  6. i restrict myself to one bag per print that i like :] it works for me!
  7. I have a one bag a print rule. I do have a caramella & denaro in Amore, but those aren't bags eh? haha.
  8. i guess i dont have that much of self control :lol: ...its ok for me though Im not trying to get all the prints...cuz then if I did then the 1 bag per print would most likely apply so that i wont have to spend sooo much $$$$
  9. haha. I was very strict with the foresta: if the print wasn't good, I wasn't going to keep it. For amore though, I still keep the bag even if it is ok. haha. I even ordered things that I didn't think I would like. But they are so cute I can't help but want to keep it.
  10. I had multiples of the Playground print (dolce, caramella & angioletto) but I ended up selling off the dolce & caramella so now I only have the angioletto.
  11. idk, for me...i think it's pretty dumb to waste my money on multiples. But, that is probably because I am not rich so I see it that way.
  12. I have two forestas and two playground... they have diff parts on the print on them w/characters I wanted!!!

    I might have to get two spiaggias though... love that print!
  13. For each print, I have a denaro and two bags... It's not a rule I made, but it just seemed to "work out" that way. And the two bags will be one small and one big, except for my Paradiso where both are big.
  14. I have lots of multiples.

    In a few cases it's because I got killer deals on the second item - like $25 for a Citta Portatelefono and $29 for a Citta Caramella - both of which I use all the time.

    I usually either carry pretty small bags with only a few items or I need to be able to pack a bunch of stuff so my other multiples are one small bag (Bella, Bambinone, Dolce) and one large bag (Zucca, BV, Gioco) so I can carry the print I want whether I need a big bag or a small bag that day.
  15. Those are steals of deals, DreamsofToki!!!!