Multiple leather bags- different or same cleaner and protectant

  1. I had a very small and humble collection of handbags. Have not treated anyone of them till date. After reading numerous posts and experiences, it is very difficult to figure out a good cleaner, protectant and moisturizing agent for bags. Also all leather need different treatment.. so any way to have a good product that has more success rate n less horrow stories...

    I have a Balenciaga (lamskin), Marc Jacob (Lambskin), Prada (Saffiano leather), LV (only handles will need treatment) and one Mulberry on its way via net-a-porter.

    Can anyone please help. I really tried to read many posts and am confused!!
  2. Most leather cleaner is really harsh by nature. I hardly ever use cleaner on my bags unless there is a real stain or mark that needs removing. For most touch ups, I'll use conditioner. Non scented baby wipes can be a great gentle way to cleanse your leather bag from time to time.

    I like to use LMB's cleaner - it has a gentler PH balance that is not as harsh as others, but still should only be used in emergencies.

    As for conditioner, I love apple guard. It's my favorite.

    Hope that helps! And yes, I use these when necessary on all different types of bags.
  3. Thank you!!! So just conditioner by appleguard is enough?? I will buy that soon.

    Is there anything I can do to prevent water stains? Like as a precaution? water repellent?
  4. Apple Garde is a stain and water repellant spray that works great. Spray in on a not so noticeable area first to make sure it doesn't harm the color, but I've used it on a variety of bags and it was fine.

  5. Yes, conditioner by itself is enough in most cases. I use conditioner to run out fingernail marks and little blemishes. It works pretty well. Never use cleaner for little blemishes, it will make a little problem, worse.

    I also use apple guard rain & stain repellant. I love it!
  6. I use meltonian for conditioning soft leathers, such as lambskin (Chanel) and other leathers. I use the delicate, and have had great results. Always test a product on a small part that isn't visible (such as a place inside or at the bottom) and allow it to dry before using it on the entire bag. :smile:
  7. Hi all,
    I just wanted to show you how I rescued these 2 Chanel handbags that I bought at an auction in San Francisco. I use the sam treatment for all my bags now. They came in a lot of 8 bags so I cannot pin point what I paid for them. BUT... they were an awsom deal after I cleanded them up on my own. They came in a brown cardboard box no dust bags, no nothing. They looked terrible but I knew I had a diamond in the ruff. Here is what I did. I made a video out of it so you can view and tell me what you all think.
    Part 1
    Part 2
    How I fixed my corners video
    How I cleaned the chain video

    Hope this helps:smile:
  8. I learned that mistake too late after I used a cleaner to get rid of a stain and it made it worse. Even tho the stain is gone, it also took off the color.
  9. Hi ladies,
    A newbie to the forums here, but just got my first Balenciaga and was wondering how to best care for it?
    I live in Canada so Apple Garde is hard to find and sadly does not ship here.
    The SA advised me to use lubriderm, but was wondering what spray is best for rain/stain repellent?
  10. hi there -

    this online company ships Apple products to Canada - but the shipping is HIGH! Also, try
  11. I know this is not exactly what you expect here,
    I'll ask it , nonetheless.

    Does anyone know what type of leather are used in the Patricia Nash line of handbags.

    I ask this as I was looking for a Birkin-like handbag and saw several different types of hides being used. There was Clemence and Togo, just to name two.

    Can anyone answer OR direct me to where I might find the answer.

    I recently purchased one of the Lionnel Satchel and I love it.

  12. For all of my leather bags I use the same cleaner. What is important when using a cleaner is to make sure that the color of the bag will not rub off. Depending on how the leather is dyed it may rub off. You must be careful to not use an abrasive cleaner/moisturizer. ;)
  13. I just use a regular shoe leather cleaner on my 2 mock croc bags and my 2 real crocodile bags.

    No casualties yet!!!
  14. Unfortunately, I didn't get any stores on Amazon that would ship to Canada either. But I found a seller on eBay who goes under the name "nordshoe" whose prices is very reasonable, around 8$ CAD. Product plus shipping came to just under 14$ CAD. I don't know if I am allowed to post the link here, but if you're interested in receiving it, let me know! Cheers!
  15. Do you know if using a baby wipe will take out colors that have been transferred from my dark jeans? I have a white leather Gucci hobo that I just bought and have only been carried for a week but now noticed that on the bag of the bag there's the blue color transferred from my jeans. Any help is appreciated thank you!! :smile: