multiple invitations...what do you do ?

  1. I have a bit of a dilemna here.....I am right in that age where everybody is getting married and basically I have attented 2 weddings each year for the past 3 years + birthday parties and also christenings.
    I always said "we have a quota of 2 weddings a year, the first invites we get are the ones we go to...." I wished it was THAT simple !!!
    This year we have.......3 birthday parties + 3 weddings (1 christening has been canceled bc we said "not possible").......and it costs a lot bc it is abroad everytime so it means flight tickets (no low cost) + hotel + presents + clothing.
    The weddings are really good friends, not best best friends, but second circle. And I am going to 2 of the birthdays since it´s family.
    Before I was just grouping holidays with it, but now I am feeling I want something else than spending my time and money to celebrate others all the time !! Am I selfish ??
    How to say yes to one and no to the other ? Choose by preference of the friend ? of the location ? of the others friends that will be there ?
    Or just say No to everything and go somewhere on a real holiday away ???
    How do you take your decisions ???
  2. It is a bit much when you have to pay for flights as well as presents. I think you will just have to choose the ones that you really want to go to & have a good excuse for not going to the others
  3. Weddings are, hopefully, once in a life time, so I would give them priority, unless it's a milestone birthday say 50 or 75.
  4. I say, go to the weddings of the people who attended your wedding. If you are not yet married, go to the weddings of people you would want at your wedding.