Multiple ebay ID's? Help figuring it out!

  1. I recently had something listed on eBay for sale. It's such a long story but I believe this particular bidder was messing with my auction.:confused1: I just know this is this person's second eBay ID name!!!

    Does anyone know how to find out if a person has multiple ID's on eBay??? Please help! This is bugging me BIG time!:mad:
  2. You can't. The only thing you can do is do an advanced search and compare their locations. Otherwise, you really can't tell.
  3. Thanks allison! I'll try that!!!
  4. I agree with Allison. I don't think it's possible that they both have the same e-mail address so the only thing you could compare is the location :s
    I'll try to think if there's anything else you could do..if you really want to find out, there must be a way..
  5. Wasn't there a tool on that did that?
  6. I miss goofbay- it's still there, but a lot of it's tools are gone: I especially miss the # of watchers for an auction feature. :crybaby:
  7. You can get contact information, I believe, for a specific ID (I'm not sure if this is only once you've bought/sold from/to them or at any time). The only thing is that the person is then notified that you've asked for and received their contact info and I think they get yours too.
  8. I never used Goofbay!!! I didn't know you could find out how many watchers! That's so amazing! What else could you do on Goofbay? Sounds like FUN!:lol:

    Susan- that's a good idea! I thought too that you can only get that info if you bought/sold with the person.
  9. goofbay had some majors problems. I liked how it looked past private FB.
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