Multiple Cabas owners

  1. Which colors do you have and which one do you use the most?

    I just got a bronze (love it!) baby and I am waiting for my large black baby to come today. Debating if I can keep both....:push:
  2. Large baby cabas? I thought there is only one size for Baby cabas?
  3. Do u mean the large size original coco cabas with big CC logo in front?

  4. have black patent (vinyl) Cabas and baby silver one
  5. Where do you all get your cabas? Have someone recently bought one in a store?
  6. Well, actually I'm not even sure which one is coming... I don't know if is going to be the large (original- Brooklynn?) or the baby in black... I was so excited that the SA at NM had one all I said is... Is it a black cabas, she said yes and I said SEND IT! It should be here today...

    But I am loving the bronze. It goes really well with everything.
  7. ^ Ok, please let us know and show us non cabas owners some picture to drool over ;)
  8. I have black and white. Love both but use black more because it is so practical.
  9. I have black and teal. Have been using the black because it just goes with everything. The teal hasn't been used yet.

    Also had the khaki, but sold it since I don't wear a lot of brown.
  10. I have the black original, the black vinyl, the denim and now the brooklyn style one. I love them all!!! I would keep them both. But than again, I love big bags. The khaki is hard to come by-if you dont want it-I'll take it!! :p
  11. lucky you! where did you find the khaki/bronze cabas??
  12. I have the khaki and black baby cabas! Hard to choose one over the other but the bronze color is gorgeous! Very stylish and functional bags!
  13. ^ Lainey, I'm late to the cabas scene, but do you think it makes sense to keep both the black (which I recently found) and the khaki (i'm waitlisted for one now)? do you use them both often?
  14. :love: I have the black vinyl and bronze baby cabas!!!
  15. i had bronze, black and white before selling them off for the soft & chain collection--i used bronze the most and sort of regret not having it now!!! congrats on your purchase, that color is tdf!