Multiple Agendas

  1. I decided to choose my agenda carefuly. I really couldn't decide because they are all great but I settled for the groom agenda.

    Now I want the mono koala and I'm thinking "I only need one Agenda, what a pain it would be to go back and forth between them" but I still want another one :P

    Anybody here have multiple agendas? I guess you could always just rotate them instead of keeping more than one at a time.

    Tell me about it :smile:
  2. hey it's me again. There really are SO many nice agendas that LV has! There's some member on here that I think looked like she had 6 or 8 in all different colours (all small ring) - I can't remember who it was though...

    but since you now have one agenda - I guess the question is whether you'd rather put the chunk of change you would spend on a second agenda or put it towards a bag? I guess you should think about it for awhile since the mono koala isn't going to disappear very soon like your groom agenda.
  3. Yea I won't be getting an agenda any time soon...but perhaps in 6 months or so. After I get my cabas mezzo, manhattan and damier azure out of the way.

    haha can I get all that in 6 months? i hope so!
  4. I have 3 agendas, non-designer ones and find myself forgetting to use an of them eventually so I decided I can't invest in designer ones. LOL.
  5. You could use one for the first part of the year and the other for the second half. This way you're not switching back and forth :smile:

  6. I agree. It would be fun to have a spring/summer one like the Framboise small agenda!!!

    I must be stopped
  7. phew! So the plan is the agenda after the bags! -ok, carry on then! I think having a few agendas is actually a cute idea. Let's you easily change the look of your agenda depending on how you feel that day - or for the different seasons for that matter!

    I'm thinking next year after my bag purchases of getting a vernis agenda, but I'm still not sure if I want to do that or whether I rather get something else vernis... :shrugs: still undecided.

    I can't wait until you make your purchases so I can congratulate you and see pics of you rocking your new goodies!! :yes:
  8. Wow~~thats a great idea!! I have a damier koala agenda that i love, and im debating if i should get a groom agenda since its sooo cute and LIMITED!!
  9. I have 3 agendas actually haha...typically I have the medium ring one for when I have tons of errands and when I need to live in it. I have the small koala in black as more of a jotter, I got the Louis Vuitton blank paper to put in and I have the red groom to collect!